Did you know less than 1% of international missionaries are African American? I didn’t until I became one. Then, I started to learn how much damage missionaries have done around the world from colonization and assimilation to segregation and covert interventionism. So, I found myself caught between a passion to serve, inspired by my faith, and to seek justice, restoring communities stripped, abused, and discarded by White Evangelicalism and American Nationalism.

My story is not about condemning white people, but about rejecting the assumption, sometimes spoken, sometimes not, that white is right, closer to God, holy, chosen, the epitome of being. My story is about choosing to love my black femaleness, even when it shocks folks who expected someone quite different. It’s about standing before rooms full of Christians and challenging them to see blackness without the baggage of racial bias.

Austin Channing Brown

The Won Percent is waiting in the win!

Christians of Color have quite a testimony- a story of pain, hope, and resilience. Imagine how much better this world would be if we were empowered to teach, build businesses, and move freely throughout the world, healing wounds caused by privilege and prejudice. THIS is my record of that grimy journey with the eternal win in mind.

Join in the journey.

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Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing it for the Lord and not merely for people.

◄ Colossians 3:23 ►

We are miraculous!

Recently, my poetry was featured on Instagram and Twitter by @peopleofpeacecorps. (Please see the Twitter thread at bottom of this post for resources.) I shared a bit of my Peace Corps evacuee story before but I hope this piece inspires some #GoodTrouble to invest in the health and wellness of black civil servants and prevent…

Essential Stories: Derona King

As America’s Covid-19 cases continue to multiply, the virus exposes inequity throughout our society and claims a disproportionate number of black lives. Citizen Advocate, Derona King, is healing racial trauma by promoting good health and nutritional wellness with Zilphy’s Garden and initiating “compassionate conversations about race” as @askablackgirl on Instagram. Learn more about the faith…